Laboratoires Audevard has been dedicated to horses for over 30 years. We observe a strict charter to ensure all our products are safe, effective and easy to use. Our continued focus on quality has earned Laboratoires Audevard the trust of veterinary surgeons and equine professionals throughout the world.



Dedicated to equine health

Audevard is the only pharmaceutical company dedicated to equine health. Horses occupy a special place in the animal world, since they have been domesticated by humans for physical work ranging from basic trekking to top-level racing. This highly unique use required the development of veterinary knowledge and practices specific to the equine species, covering everyday horse health, along with sports medicine and specific health problems caused by intense work and the need to continually improve performance. Laboratoires Audevard works on these aims alone, in partnership with specialist equine vets.



Renowned health and nutritional expertise

Laboratoires Audevard was formed through the merger of a veterinary pharmaceutical company and a company specialising in equine nutrition. From the 1980s onwards, this merger allowed us to approach horse health and performance from an all-round perspective, providing veterinary surgeons with both medical and dietary supplement solutions. Our products are developed based on research into the musculoskeletal, respiratory and digestive systems. Audevard innovations such as EKYFLEX and EKYGARD have led to significant advances in treating exercise-related diseases.



Comprehensive ranges

Drawing on our veterinary expertise, Laboratoires Audevard has developed a comprehensive range of products to improve horse health and optimise performance, suitable for competition horses, leisure horses and breeding horses alike. 

Horse healthcare also involves treating wounds and local pain and addressing the discomfort caused by insects. Laboratoires Audevard uses its knowledge of the equine world to develop products perfectly designed to fulfil their purpose.



Discerning and loyal customers!

We help veterinary surgeons, equine professionals and riders improve their horses' health and performance. With owners expecting top results, and increasingly tight environmental restrictions, Laboratoires Audevard offers vets and riders ever more refined solutions in terms of effectiveness and safety, whether for horse health or anti-doping.


Boasting over 1500 veterinary surgeon customers in France, Audevard is the leading brand in equine healthcare and performance. Laboratoires Audevard is present in over 30 countries, supporting vets who care about the quality and reliability of the products they recommend. Audevard products are used by the greatest champions worldwide.
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Respiratory airway obstruction commonly still called heaves is considered today to be a form of equine asthma.


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