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Audevard Laboratories have been dedicated to horses for over 30 years. We observe a strict charter to ensure all our products are safe, effective and easy to use. Our continued focus on quality has earned Audevard Laboratories  the trust of veterinary surgeons and equine professionals throughout the world.


 100% Safety


Doping is an ever-present concern in the equine world. In 2001, Laboratoires Audevard developed a programme to combat the risk of doping: the Anti-Doping Programme (ADP).

  • Anti-doping programme


Logo ADP         

This logo guarantees that:
• The formula for the batch does not contain any substances likely to lead to a positive result in a test.
• Screening for the presence of natural doping contaminants has been carried out by Laboratoire des Courses Hippiques (LCH). Each batch of nutritional products bearing the ADP logo has therefore been tested. 
The ADP test reports are always available on the first page of the website. Simply enter the product name and batch number.


  • Why test products when we already know what they contain?

Despite our extremely high manufacturing standards and the vigilance of our suppliers, the presence of doping contaminants somewhere in the supply chain cannot be fully ruled out. Close contact with other plant ingredients such as cocoa or coffee beans, which contain xanthines (theophylline or theobromine), may lead to cross-contamination. The risk is very low, but must be taken into account: even the smallest quantities may lead to a positive result in horses during anti-doping tests. Each finished product batch must therefore be tested by the LCH.

  • What is the procedure?

1) Following manufacture, a batch is placed in pharmaceutical quarantine.

2) A sample is taken randomly, according to Good Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Practice, and is then sent, in coded form, to the LCH.

3) The LCH checks for the presence of substances prohibited during competitions and returns a test report:

- If the batch is found to have a doping effect, it is destroyed

- If none of the substances in question are found, the batch is released for sale.


The ADP test reports are always available on the first page of the website. Simply enter the product name and batch number.


  • Laboratoire des Courses Hippiques - LCH 


The LCH is the only laboratory used to test blood and urine samples taken from horses in France as part of the fight against doping. It is funded by the Fédération National des Courses Françaises (French Horse Racing Federation) and is a reference laboratory for the FEI (Fédération Equestre Internationale - International Federation for Equestrian Sports). Its facilities in Verrières-le-Buisson, near Paris, use the latest and most efficient testing tools to detect substances prohibited during competitions.


  • Doping: from formula to practice (regulations and codes)

Our laboratories ensure that the formulae comply with the framework set out by the leading federations. However, users must remain vigilant, as: 
- Depending on the horse's discipline or whether a competition is international or national, different regulations may apply to the use of nutritional solutions (restrictive list, time of administration before competitions, requirement to include in the health record, need for veterinary prescription etc.) 
 - Furthermore, as we saw a few years ago, regulations can change. We therefore advise you to contact your veterinary surgeon to identify the appropriate reference framework.

  • Harpagophytum and anti-doping tests



Since 2008, harpagosides, the active ingredient in harpagophytum, have been included in the list of substances tested for by the LCH. Products containing harpagophytum should be administered no later than 48 hours before a competition. Always read the product label carefully.



100% Effectiveness



Devising and manufacturing a high-quality supplement is a lot more complicated than it may seem. Ingredients are fragile and the market offering can be highly varied in terms of quality. Selecting the right ingredients, bringing them all together and preserving their properties during the production process and storage all require considerable expertise, which Audevard has built up over the last 30 years. Our quality is our highest guarantee of effectiveness!


In addition to the nutritional solutions offered on this website, Laboratoires Audevard supplies medicinal products to specialist equine vets, including vermifuges, anti-inflammatory agents, antitussive agents and more. Only companies officially recognised as pharmaceutical laboratories can manufacture and distribute these medicinal products. To earn and maintain this status, Laboratoires Audevard must meet extremely strict specifications and undergo auditing by both the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Agriculture. 



This pharmaceutical expertise is essential for the development, production and marketing of innovative nutritional solutions and is the reason our products are of such high quality. Only Audevard supplements offer this level of guaranteed effectiveness and safety. The supplement and feed market offers a wide and eclectic range of products. To be sure you make the right choice, compare the guarantees issued by the various brands, and follow your veterinary surgeon's advice.                                 



  • "All-round" formulae, transparent procedures

Our "all-round" formulae address diseases and their clinical context as a whole, for targeted effectiveness. 
• Formulations are made up by our veterinary surgeons, who rely on research centres and evidence-based medicine: the systematic review of all scientific studies published worldwide. Bibliographic summaries are available for veterinary surgeons for most products. 
• To ensure complete transparency, detailed ingredient lists are provided on our labels and product safety data sheets. 
• There is no risk of toxicity. Audevard products can be used together.

  • Quality, bioavailable ingredients
  • From the best ingredients… 
  • Laboratoires Audevard selects the highest quality ingredients from those used in the pharmaceutical industry. To ensure maximum effectiveness, only ingredients with the highest active principle concentration are used. This is especially important when selecting plant extracts. 
    …to optimal absorption. 
    One of the keys to effectiveness is good absorption of the active agents. The main trace elements are included in the form of chelates, along with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and chondroitin, which have molecular weights that enable them to cross the intestinal barrier. Boosting the bioavailability of active principles is an ongoing area of research in our laboratories.
  • Specific manufacturing processes that retain ingredient quality


                Due to the fragile nature of certain ingredients, such as vitamins, yeasts and natural plant extracts, Laboratoires Audevard has developed unique, ingredient-friendly production methods.
Laboratoires Audevard also recommends using pellets rather than powders. Pellets are easier to use with horses and ensure better preservation of the ingredients over time.


Did you know there are a number of ways of pelleting a nutritional product?

The selected pelleting process determines the final quality of the product and therefore its effectiveness. Generally, pellets are produced at high temperatures under very high pressure, in order to optimise production line throughput. These pellets are easily identified: they are smoother and more compact than those developed by Audevard. 

We use two different methods to retain the properties of our ingredients : 

Pharmaceutical pelleting: 

- To prevent ingredients being destroyed by heat, Laboratoires Audevard has developed a temperature-controlled pelleting method, based on the methods used for medicinal products. The temperature does not exceed 30°C at any time during production. The most heat-sensitive active agents, such as vitamins, probiotics and complex molecules like chondroitin and glucosamine, are therefore preserved.

- To protect ingredients from the effects of high pressure, manufacture takes place at atmospheric pressure. High pressure heats the ingredients, which may be counter-productive. Our agents use the mechanical properties of water to pass the material through the dies. More time is then required to dry the pellets, at a temperature not exceeding 30°C. 

Separate pelleting: The aim is to prevent chemical interactions between the ingredients. Vitamins are particularly sensitive ingredients that are destroyed if they come into contact with minerals for a long time. Pelleting vitamins and minerals separately prevents these interactions, ensuring more effective preservation of the product over time. This separation explains the multi-colour appearance of some of our pellets. 

The result is a highly effective pellet that horses love to eat. This method obviously takes longer. The process produces 500 kg of pellets in one day, whereas some hot processes produce 5000 kg in the same amount of time.

  • Environmentally- and animal-friendly

We believe it is important to protect the environment and therefore guarantee that our products contain no additives or preservatives that are not authorised by the European Union. 100% friendly products!

100% convenience

Audevard products are easy to administer. Our products are taste-tested regularly and the packaging evaluated to ensure they are to your horse's liking and meet your needs.

Find out more… Effectiveness can only be guaranteed if the horse finds the product easy to eat and the owner finds it easy to administer. Our teams work every day to improve both the taste and packaging of our products. 

  • The right packaging

Audevard products are available in two formats: 
• Individual packaging for one to two months' supply. 
• Professional format, designed to supplement one horse for one year or several horses for several months. Both formats are available from your veterinary surgeon.


  •  Professional formats

Professional formats offer regular administration for an affordable price. The professional formats for pellets are 13 to 20 kg barrels. The barrels are made of very thick, high-density UN-approved polyethylene and are designed to store active ingredients for long periods (thick plastic, screw-on sealed lid etc.). They are easy to open and close. The barrels are sealed to ensure they are tamper-proof, and to prevent any accidental or intentional contamination. The professional format for liquids is a 5 litre container with a 30 ml dispensing pump. 


  •  Products that are easy to administer

100% taste appeal: Laboratoires Audevard carries out routine taste tests on all of its products. However, horses may need a few days to get used to a product. You can always introduce new products into their feed gradually.


 100% accuracy: Each product has a graduated measure enabling you to follow your veterinary surgeon's protocols as closely as possible. As each pellet has a different density, don't be surprised if you find your measure is in millilitres instead of grams. See the product label for volume/weight equivalence. Our liquids have a measure integrated into the bottle lid. These are highly practical, as the bottle stays clean!





Doping contaminant tests

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