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Insects are a real nuisance for both horses and riders. They affect the rider’s comfort and the horse’s concentration, and may affect the animal’s health through stress, allergies, larval infestations and so on.

FLYMAX has been formulated by AUDEVARD Laboratories to offer a dual protective barrier against flying insects. FLYMAX repels and eliminates flies, flat flies, biting midges, mosquitoes, horseflies, fleas and ticks etc.


Its unique formula combines complementary active ingredients for immediate, long lasting insect repellency. The texture is designed to provide optimal adherence.

What users say...

FLYMAX users particularly like its effectiveness, its herbal fragrance and its silent, adjustable spray.

Our advice

Read the instructions for use carefully to ensure you spray enough product.


400 ml spray bottle - Delivers 10 applications*.

1 L spray bottle - Delivers 25 applications*.

* 1 application is equivalent to around 40 sprays.


Flymax is the ideal solution to get rid of flying insects. Ready to use liquid (AL). Shake well before use. Count 30 to 40 sprays of the gun at each application to effectively wet the areas exposed to insects. Repeat application every 2 days in the first week. Gradually space out applications until you have found the best suited to your needs. One bottle contains around 25 applications. Adjust the width of the spray by turning the gun tip. FLYMAX does not stain, is non-sticky and leaves no odour.


Not for use on cats.

Composition for1 litre: Icaridin (CAS no. 119515-38-7) 5.82 g, piperonyl butoxide (CAS no. 51-03-6) 0.85 g, permethrin (CAS no. 52645-53-1) 0.65 g, deltamethrin (CAS no. 52918-63-5) 0.016 g, glycerin, ethanol, scented excipient. Mint and eucalyptus scent.

Product category

This product belongs to the biocide.
Use biocides safely. Before use, read the label and product information

The product availability is dependent upon each country’s internal legislation.

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Respiratory airway obstruction commonly still called heaves is considered today to be a form of equine asthma.


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