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Foals are born without immune defences and it is the mother’s colostrum ingested during the first 12 hours of life that provides them with their first antibodies (IGg), which will protect them during the first two to three months of life. However, orphan foals, or foals unable to suckle, are not the only horses that require additional IgG intake. If the mother’s colostrum is of poor quality, it may make the foal more vulnerable in the first months of life.

IMMUNOFOAL is designed to provide additional nutritional support for newborn foals requiring immunoglobulin G (IgG).


IMMUNOFOAL is produced using an exclusive process that concentrates IgG without affecting its integrity. One bottle of IMMUNOFOAL is therefore almost twice as concentrated as a mare’s colostrum and four times more concentrated than plasma. It can be stored for up to three years in the refrigerator.

What users say...

IMMUNOFOAL users particularly like how easy it is to use. It comes ready to use and provides 30 g of IgG in just 300 ml, an amount suited to the low ingestion ability of newborn foals.

Our advice

IMMUNOFOAL is not only designed to have on hand in case of emergency during the foaling season. You can also maximise the immune defences of high-value foals by giving one bottle of IMMUNOFOAL on the day of the foal's birth. This provides additional support for getting through the critical period of the first few months of life.


300 ml bottle.

Sold without teat.

Instructions for use: give IMMUNOFOAL by oral route in two 150 ml doses 1 - 2 hours apart (one bottle = one foal). The use is optimal during the first 12 hours of life. Keep the product in the refrigerator and away from light. Do not freeze.

Intake per dose (150 ml)


Equine serum : 150000 mg

Composition : Equine serum (IgG 30 g) ; Analytical constituents: Humidity> 10%, crude fibres 0.1%, crude fats 0.7%, crude ashes 0.8%, sodium 0.28%

Product category

This product belongs to the complementary feed for horses category.


Immunofoal is not available in Switzerland. The product availability is dependent upon each country’s internal legislation.

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