Povidum Solution

Povidone-iodine solution 10%


Povidone iodine is widely used to clean skin.

POVIDUM SOLUTION is for external application only.


The POVIDUM SOLUTION formula contains povidone iodine 10%. This stable formulation is neutral on the skin and mucous membranes, and leaves a protective film as it dries.

What users say...

Users like its easy-to-use format. The bottles come with an economical and practical pump dispenser (does not stain the coat or skin).

Our advice

POVIDUM SOLUTION can be used alone or after bathing with POVIDUM SCRUB.


120 ml bottle

750 ml bottle

5 L container

External use only.
Directions for use: Pure or diluted (15 to 30 ml per litre of clean water). Can be used alone or after washing with POVIDUM SCRUB.
Do not use with mercury derivatives

Composition per litre: Povidone-iodine (CAS n°25655-41-8) 10%, 1,6-Bis(N5-[p-chlorophenyl]-N1-biguanido)  hexane (CAS n°18472-51-0) 0,005%, excipients qsp 100%.

Product category

This product belongs to the hygiene product for horses, dogs and cats category.


The product availability is dependent upon each country’s internal legislation.

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