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Horses perspire heavily during intense exercise and summer weather. This results in the loss of more than just water: they also lose electrolytes, which are essential to efficient biochemical exchanges within the body. It is therefore important to fully replace lost electrolytes through appropriate nutritional intake.

VETIDRAL FLASH is a complementary feed formulated by AUDEVARD Laboratories. It is designed to helps compensate for electrolyte loss in cases of heavy sweating in horses, such as after intense activity, during period of extreme heat, etc.


The VETIDRAL FLASH formula contains electrolytes in proportions identical to those found in sweat, in order to make up for losses. It also provides prebiotics to stimulate electrolyte replacement and absorption.

What users say...

VETIDRAL FLASH users like its easy-to-use format, with a syringe for use when away from the stables.

Our advice

Electrolytes are often administered after exercise, but it is even more effective if they are also administered in the days before a race or competition, so the horse can build up reserves.


60 ml syringe

Helps compensate for electrolyte loss in cases of heavy sweating in horses, such as after intense activity, during period of extreme heat, etc.

Daily allowance: empty the contents of the syringe into the horse's mouth. Administer for 1 to 3 days. Water should be available at all times.

Intake per dose (60 ml)


Fast-acting sugars

Dextrose : 3630 mg



Sodium : 2190 mg
Potassium : 2583 mg
Calcium : 439 mg
Magnesium : 540 mg



Glycine : 5415 mg
Vitamin C : 902 mg

Composition: brewer's yeast, sodium salt of organic acids, sodium chloride, dextrose, dicalcium phosphate, potassium chloride, monopropylene glycol, magnesium chloride, calcium gluconate. Additives (per litre): - 3a- Vitamins, pro-vitamins : 3a300 vitamin C 15,040 mg. Analytical constituents: humidity 56.9 %, crude protein 11.1 %, crude fats 0 %, crude ash 16.5 %, crude cellulose 0 %, sugars 5.3 %, calcium 0.95 %, magnesium 0.1 %, potassium 1.87 %, sodium 3.65 %.

Product category

This product belongs to the dietetic complementary feed for horses


The product availability is dependent upon each country’s internal legislation.

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